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Our Membership

  • Fatu Samsumana

    Fatu Samsumana, RN, BSN
    German Town, Maryland

  • Aminata Conteh

    Aminata Conteh, FNP-BC, MSN
    (Vice President)

  • Seray Cuthbertson

    Seray Cuthbertson, Ad-NP, MSN
    Brookline, Massachusets

  • Letticia Amoah-Mensah

    Letticia Amoah-Mensah, LPN,
    (Assistant Treasurer)
    Middletown, Delaware

  • Kadiatu Mansaray

    Kadiatu Mansaray, LPN
    Wilmington, DE

  • Frances Tarley

    Frances Tarley, LPN
    (Assestant Organizing Secretary)
    Newark, Delaware

  • Ann Marie Dawson

    Ann Marie Dawson, MS, RD, CDE
    (Board Member)
    Madison, Wisconsin

  • Sitta Gombeh-Alie

    Sitta Gombeh-Alie, MD, MPH
    (Board Member)
    Middletown, Delaware

  • Aminata Fornah

    Aminata Fornah, RN, BSN
    (Board Member)
    Richmond, VA

  • Angela Memuna Dumbuya

    Angela Memuna Dumbuya, FNP-BC, AOCNP, DNP
    Columbus, Georgia

  • Fatmata Bintu Kamara

    Fatmata Bintu Kamara, NP, APN
    Old Hickory, Tennessee

  • Lydia Tucker-Stickels

    Lydia Tucker-Stickels, LPN
    Madison, Wisconsin

  • Matenneh Abu

    Matenneh Abu, RN, BSN
    Claymont, Delaware

  • Fatima Fornah

    Fatima Fornah, MSN, CRNA
    (Organizing Secretary)

  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Aminata Kamara

    Aminata Kamara, CNA
    Newark, Delaware

  • Fatmata Jalloh

    Fatmata Jalloh, LPN
    Claymont, Delaware

  • Mariama Sangarie

    Mariama Sangarie, LPN

  • (Secretary)
  • Middletown, Delaware
  • Finda Bockarie

    Finda Bockarie, CNA
    New Castle, Delaware

  • Fem Mansaray

    Fem Mansaray, LPN
    Bear, Delaware

  • Marcia Bristol

    Marcia Bristol, LPN
    Glenolden, PA

  • Hawa Sesay

    Hawa Sesay, RN
    Middletown, Delaware

  • Abibatu Sesay

    Abibatu Sesay, RN, BSN
    Middletown DE

  • Alie Kindo Kamara

    Alie Kindo Kamara, RN, BSN
    Middletown, DE

  • Gladys Demby

    Gladys Demby, RN, BSN
    Smyrna DE

  • Iyesta Conteh

    Iyesta Conteh, RN, BSN
    Bear, DE

  • Kadiatu Kallon

    Kadiatu Kallon, RN
    Richmond, VA

  • Martha Kamara

    Martha Kamara, RN, BSN
    Roanoke, Virginia

  • Adama Kamara

    Adama Kamara, RN

  • Melrose Koroma

    Melrose Koroma, LPN
    Westchester, PA

  • Mariama Lebbie

    Mariama Lebbie, RN
    Madison, Wisconsin

  • Finah Turay

    Finah Turay, CNA,

  • Abibatu Yeama

    Abibatu Yeama Sesay
    Founding Member

  • abu

    Abu P Kalokoh

  • Fatima Fornah

    Fatima Fornah

  • Ibrahim Sesay

    Ibrahim Sesay

  • Hawa Lamin Sidique

    Hawa Lamin Sidique

  • Isatu Jalloh Sangarie

    Isatu Jalloh Sangarie

  • Mariama Sangarie
  • Adella Sangarie

    Adella Sangarie

  • Frances Tarley

    Frances Tarley

  • Aminata  Kamara

    Aminata Kamara

  • Patricia Abu

    Patricia Abu

  • Letticia Amoah-Mensah

    Letticia Amoah-Mensah

  • Margaret Kamara

    Margaret Kamara

  • Marth Kamara

    Marth Kamara

  • Samuel Puvandi

    Samuel Puvandi

  • Hawa Sesay

    Hawa Sesay

  • Mahawa Mansaray

    Mahawa Mansaray

  • Mariama kargbo

    Mariama kargbo

  • Mary Erhunmwunse

    Mary Erhunmwunse

  • Palpha Mansaray

    Palpha Mansaray


  • 502 Beechwood Court Bear, Delaware 19701
  • Phone: 302-220-4410 Cell: 302-218-8147 Email: