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Future Activities

Future Activities:

  • Establish health awareness campaign in the areas of infection control, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and stroke. This will be the initial focus of the organization given the grossly preventable nature of such diseases with proper education and awareness. This will be carried out in the form of large scale screenings, printed educational pamphlets and handouts; public health announcement through local television and radio; family and community participation in activities like annual runs and walks. TASHPUS will collaborate with legislators, the ministry of health and sanitation together with community stakeholders to establish national weeks of infection control, heart disease and stroke.
  • Establish School Based Health Centers
    A child cannot reach full educational potential unless he or she is physically and mentally healthy. Many children in Sierra Leone suffer unrecognized health and psychological disorders because they lack access to health care. These children receive medical care if any, only for major illness or injury. Consequently, problems such as inadequate immunizations, growth rate, asthma, ear infections, or childhood depression may not be addressed. Establishment of school based health care in such an environment will act as initial health contact for children. Minor issues will be resolved by a trained health professional located at the school and serious cases will be promptly referred. Providing school health centers will act as a safety net and augment access to quality of care for underserved children. Routine yearly preventative screenings like vaccination records, vision, weight and height will be monitored.

  • TASHPUS will seek donation of surplus and used medical equipment and supplies from hospitals and businesses in the US and provide these equipment and supplies to community health clinics in Sierra Leone.
  • Recruit volunteers from medical professionals in the US to provide education and training of healthcare personnel practicing in community clinics in Sierra Leone. Recruitment drive will be designed and executed by the Board of Directors and members.
  • Purchase or seek donations of medicines from nonprofit organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.
  • Seek out funding sources such as grants from organizations.
  • TASHPUS plans to conduct as much of its operations as possible with volunteer labor. As funding permits, and as the need arises, TASHPUS may need to hire staff to carry out some of the work.


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